AdWords Campaign Optimisation

Optimise, Optimise and Optimise again! That is the secret to AdWords Sucess. At AdCom, we optimise our clients campaigns every single day.

AdWords Optimisation Service

The AdWords Campaign Optimisation is included in the AdWords Management Service. It aims to consistently improve the performance of AdWords campaigns over time.

Optimisation, optimisation, optimisation leads to perfection AdWords wise. The results of AdWords campaigns are heavily dependent on the way and frequency of their optimisation.

At AdCom, we monitor and optimise our clients AdWords campaigns every single day.



We analyse our customers AdWords campaigns reports continuously so that we can add to the campaigns all the keywords and placements that convert well, while excluding everything that is not bringing any value to the client business.

Testing everything, again and again, is the key to find the best performing keywords, placements and ads.


AdCom Optimisation Methodology:

  • In-depth and extensive keyword optimisation
  • Analysis of the campaigns performance trends
  • Optimisation of the structure of the campaigns to maximise conversions and quality
  • Extensive campaign optimisation:
    • Ad groups
    • Keywords
    • Ads
    • Extensions
    • Filtering of irrelevant traffic
    • Maximisation of Quality Score and Click-Through-Rate (lower cost per click)
  • Optimisation based on Web Analytics, Bounce Rates, Time on Site, Goals and Conversions
  • Optimisation of the bidding levels
  • Reporting

Optimisations based on the Advertisers’ AdWords Goals

  • Sales
  • Profit
  • Return on Investment
  • Branding
  • Lead Generation
  • Product/Service/Business Launch
  • Notoriety
  • Budget/Investment Optimisation

Our Experience

Since we’ve joined Google, Inc. in 2006, we have created thousands of campaigns – Search and Display – across all sectors and verticals. We know exactly how the AdWords system works and what it’s required to do for a campaign to have excellent performance and results.

We were extensively trained at Google on how the system works and how to optimise campaigns