AdWords Campaign Creation

A great initial campaign creation is the first step for AdWords success! In-depth research, aligned KPIs and a perfect campaign build makes AdWords easy.

Campaign Creation Service

AdWords Campaign Creation is included in the AdWords Management Service. It aims to expand the advertisers online presence in terms of products and services being advertised.

We handle all aspects of the campaigns creation process, from the market, keywords and placement research to the hands-on and operational creation of the campaigns. 


Campaign Creation Step by Step:

  1. Assessment of the customers’ objectives and KPIs
  2. Market, Keywords and Placements research
  3. Presentation of the Campaigns Proposal to the advertiser
  4. Once revised and approved by the advertiser, the campaigns are activated

AdCom Campaign Creation Methodology:

  • In-depth and extensive keyword research
  • Market trends
  • Perfect granular campaign structure
  • Careful campaign creation
    • Ad groups
    • Keywords
    • Ads
    • Extensions
    • Filtering of irrelevant traffic
    • Maximisation of Quality Score and Click-Through-Rate (lower cost per click)
  • Ready for post launch optimisation
  • Reporting friendly
  • Optimised for results
  • Cost and Clicks forecast

Market Competition Tools and Methodology

Developed to optimise campaigns performance on high competitive markets, the Market Competition Tool and Methodology aims to find conversion opportunities by analysing the relevant keywords that have less coverage in terms of number of ads and where the creative quality is lower.

AdCom’s tool analyses hundreds of keywords and we place our clients ads against the right keywords with perfect ads that relate 100% to the users queries. This allows our clients to enjoy great conversion rates and a lower cost per click.

Our Experience

Since we’ve joined Google, Inc. in 2006, we have created thousands of campaigns – Search and Display – across all sectors and verticals. We know exactly how the AdWords system works and what it’s required to do for a campaign to have excellent performance and results.

We were extensively trained at Google on how the system works and how to build highly effective converting campaigns.