AdWords Management

AdWords Management Service 360º: Campaign Creation, Optimisation, Web Analytics and Reporting. AdWords Based on Results. Simple!

AdWords Management Service

The AdWords Management service aims to help advertisers that are looking to improve, in a consistent manner, their AdWords accounts performance.

But being successful online requires lots of time, expertise and resources that sometimes companies do not possess in-house. This is where AdCom can help advertisers.

AdCom’s main mission is to help companies to be present and profitable online. We want to make our clients products and services accessible to users online.

AdCom is an AdWords Agency that offers a complete AdWords management service, from keyword research to campaign optimisation and analytics.

AdWords managementAdCom’s AdWords Management Service includes:

  • AdWords Campaign Optimisation
    • Search Network
    • Display Network
  • AdWords Campaign Creation
  • YouTube Campaign Creation and Optimisation
  • AdWords Consultancy


AdWords management Web Analytics

  • Web Analytics Implementation
  • Web Analytics Consultancy


AdWords management Website Optimisation

  • Optimisation of the on-page user experience and conversion rate
  • Implementation and Consultancy on Customer Experience Analytics


AdWords management Internationalisation

  • Multilingual AdWords campaigns creation and optimisation

AdWords Management Based on Advertisers’ Goals

The AdWords Management Service focuses on achieving the advertisers’ goals, the most common ones are:

  • Increase in Sales
  • Maximisation of Profit
  • Return on Investment
  • Branding
  • Lead Generation
  • Product/Service/Business Launch
  • Increase in Notoriety
  • Budget/Investment Optimisation
  • Market Competition Research

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