AdWords Consultancy

Would you like to take your AdWords to the next level? AdCom can help you with our experience, ideas and best practices.

AdWords Consultancy Service

The AdWords consultancy service is aimed at companies and advertisers that would like recommendations and suggestions on how to improve their AdWords campaigns performance. Usually, this service is provided to companies that already have an in-house team working their AdWords accounts but need to take their game to the next level. 



AdCom’s team is composed of AdWords specialists and consultants that have a vast experience in PPC and online market. We can help identify and explore new online opportunities, share best practices, provide bench-marking and improve overall AdWords performance.

AdCom’s AdWords Consultancy Methodology

  • In-depth analysis of the advertisers AdWords and Web Analytics accounts
  • Definition of advertisers goals and KPIs
  • Identification of problems, areas of improvement and opportunities in terms of the whole AdWords universe
  • Discussion of actions on how to improve AdWords performance
  • Monitoring of the implementation of actions and measures to improve AdWords
  • Implementation of AdWords best practices
  • Evaluation of results and optimisation actions

Ex-Google Experience

We have worked with hundreds of AdWords advertisers over the years and we have a vast AdWords experience. Besides, we have an insiders view on how Google works and about the best ways to take the most out of AdWords.

 Best Practices and New Ideas

Often advertisers are looking for solutions for problems they are having with their AdWords accounts. Most likely we already faced the same problem in the past working with other advertisers and we have a good solution for the advertiser.

Also, we can help advertisers to implement all the AdWords best practices that can make the difference in the online market.

Up to date with new AdWords features releases

A very important side of the consultancy services consists in making sure the advertisers are always up to date with new AdWords features and releases. That way, our clients are never missing out on the all the AdWords features that can bring them competitive advantage on the online landscape.

Main Areas covered by the Consultancy Service

AdCom can advise advertisers on how to take full advantage of:

  • Google Search Campaigns
  • Google Display Campaigns
  • Search and Display creatives
  • AdWords Optimisation
  • AdWords Remarketing
  • AdWords Reporting
  • Keywords and placements management
  • Internationalisation
  • Web Analytics: best practices
  • YouTube
  • General Online Marketing Experience and Know-How
  • Bidding Strategies
  • AdWords Extensions Strategies
  • Landing pages and website optimisation
  • AdWords and Analytics API
  • etc