Google changes the way the rotation of ads works in AdWords. Firstly, Google extended the period of ads rotation of campaigns including the “Alternate regularly” that can activated to optimize ads and increase the number of clicks. This period is now 90 days instead of 30. Secondly, Google proposed a form to disable this setting.

 New option in AdWords

Google has decided to offer the possibility of alternating indefinitely ads on the AdWords web interface.

If you select “Rotate indefinitely” on your campaign, Google will post the worst performing ads as often as the most efficient. For most advertisers, it will likely reduce the number of clicks and it will increase costs. Furthermore, your ads may be disseminated to a lower position. That is why Google does not recommend advertisers to use the “Rotate indefinitely.”

To view the settings of ad rotation or to change it in the AdWords interface, click the “Settings” tab of your campaign. Under “Advanced Settings”, click on “Ad Distribution: Ad rotation, limiting the number of exposures.”

All options are now available directly on the AdWords interface. For any new campaign in which you want the ad rotation to be performed on an indefinite period, you must select the option directly in AdWords.

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