With AdWords text ads, you can promote your business very effectively. They allow you to highlight the features of your products or services, and communicate the different promotions you offer. But surely you always wanted to add a little more to your ads. Sometimes you might want to include the address and telephone number of your business, or additional information on the products you sell. To do this, you can create ad extensions. The principle is to add information to your ads to make them more relevant for users who are looking for your products or services.

  • If you want your ad looks like this …
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You should … add location extensions

Who should use location extensions? Those of you who own a physical business.

Why use location extensions? You might want to allow users to easily find your website and physical address.


  • If you want your ad looks like this…
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Add … you should call extensions

Who should use call extensions? Those of you who want to encourage users to call your business.

Why use call extensions? The call extensions (also called “call ads”) allow you to add a phone number to your ad, so that users can call you directly.


  • If you want your ad looks like this…
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… You should add social network extensions

Who should use social network extensions? Those of you who have a Google+ page. You can link your Google+ page to your AdWords account using extensions social network.

Why use social network extensions? In order to receive a higher visibility on the Web, both for your ads and your Google+ page. Extensions that make your ads more relevant, can help to increase their overall performance.


  • If you want your ad looks like this…
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… You should add product extensions

Who should use product extensions? Those of you who market a product and want to promote it directly in their ads.

Why use product extensions? For present relevant products to potential customers when they search on Google or Google Shopping (and other Google search pages for campaigns who opted in to the Google Search Network ). Your ad can include the photo, the title and the price of your product, which best match the search query of the user.


  • If you want your ad looks like this…
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… You should add review extensions

Who should use review extensions? Those of you offering a product or service and want to inform users that your business are particularly appreciated by your clients.

Why use review extensions? If you want to include in your AdWords ads, the feedback provided by your customers about your business. These reviews reflect the consumer buying experience with your company, and not about specific products. They can help you attract more qualified leads, and therefore increase your clickthrough rate.


  • If you want your ad looks like this…
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… You should add Sitelinks

Who should use Sitelinks? Those of you who wish to provide users with additional links to pages of their website below their ad text.

Why use Sitelinks? To allow users to know the most important or popular sections of your website, and access them with a single click. In addition, you can modify the text and URL of your sitelinks at any time for your ads to stay up to date on business operations and special offers.



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