In the past 21st of December, AdCom Marketing’s Portuguese team headed out to APA – Animal Protection Association to lend them a hand in taking care of their 220 dogs sheltered in Lisbon, Portugal.

“We spent a lovely morning walking, petting and playing with the dogs that live in APA” said Pedro Silva, CEO of AdCom.

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APA does an amazing job in taking care and protecting animals that were neglected by their owners. This nonprofit association has a major role in making sure that abandoned animals are treated and adopted by new families.

Unfortunately, the current economic recession has been aggravating the stray dogs’ situation. Owners are abandoning their pets more than ever due to financial reasons on one hand and on the other, the support that animal protection associations are getting is becoming smaller and smaller.

The survival of APA is highly dependent of private donations, volunteering, an in-house vet clinic and the unfortunately scarcer government support.

Besides spending time with the animals, AdCom Marketing offered 200Kg of dog food as well. The 220 dogs that live in APA consume around 40-50kg of food per day and so this association is always in need of this kind of contributions.




Something also important for APA would be also the donation of blankets. They lack ways to keep dogs warm during the winter so any contribution would be very welcome.

At AdCom, one of their objectives is to be involved with our community. They like to help not by giving simply money but by getting truly involved. In that sense, AdCom’s team took a Friday morning off work and headed out to the APA grounds where they were able to directly engage with the dogs and with the APA volunteers as well.


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“Seeing the dogs eating the food that we just had bought was really nice. It really gave us a sense that we were really helping and making a difference” said Pedro Silva.

“One very positive aspect of what we have seen in APA was that the adoption rate of dogs is quite high. Usually, young dogs find new families fast. We have realized that some animals that we played with found a new home a few days after our visit to the APA”


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It was also fun to see AdCom’s team interacting with the dogs. It was a very intense activity and after spending a whole morning walking and playing with our APA friends, everyone was completely tired – but very happy!

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